Prepare, Compete and Recover.......


7 Essential Oils

100% Natural

Unique Blend


Rock Salt


Recovery Oil

Activ7 recovery oil. A powerful blend of 7 essential oils (camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, aloe Vera, orange, lemon and rosemary). 100% natural with Carefully selected ingredients for their traditional cooling, soothing, stimulating and energising properties. Designed specifically with the most active of people in mind; from professional athletes to gym goers, crossfit athletes to runners, footballers to yoga enthusiasts and hockey players to boxers & MMA athletes. The list is endless.


Bath Salts + Mg

Activ7 Recovery Bath Salts with Magnesium. We have combined rock salt, magnesium and our No. 1 selling product Activ7 Recovery Oil to give you an invigorating and detoxifying recovery bath salt. Our unique blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, aloe vera, rosemary, lemon, orange and camphor mixed with rock salt & magnesium help to create the perfect sports and day to day stress relief recovery bath.

Feel your muscles relax, your mind ease from the mix of aromatherapy oils and feel your blood flow refresh from the minty coolness as your muscles have no choice but to relax with the added benefit of magnesium & rock salt.


Mobility Tool Bundles

Activ7 Mobility Tool bundles. We have selected some of the best mobility tools on the market and bundled them together with activ7 recovery oil. We have also created some short clips and tips on how to use each item.

What People Are Saying

I have used the Activ7 oil on many of my clients during Sports and Deep Tissue Treatments. I have found the oil pleasant to use and effective when releasing chronic tension.

Tanya Reid-Moore - Sports Massage Therapist - Fire & Earth Sports Massage