Meet Team activ7 – Emma Joanne Pendle

Name: Emma Pendle

Age: 28

Training out of: Plymouth Barbell

Lifetime achievements: National standard competitive weightlifter. Professional Dancer touring internationally.

Favourite Competition: British Championships 2017 – even though it wasn’t my best performance at this competition, I felt the most supported here and learnt the most through a competing than any other in my lifting career so far.

What would you say motivates you to do Weightlifting?  The constant opportunities to push myself and become better at what I do.

What are your strengths and weakness?  I would say my strengths are the fun I find in training and the ability to not take myself too seriously… most of the time. I lift far better when I am having fun! My team around me are also a strength for me, they can definitely help to keep my head screwed on sometimes! MY experience in performance, that helps me to keep my nerves on the platform in competition.

My weaknesses I would say are my over analysing brain. Unhelpful. Reece’s Pieces… does that count?

Which lift do you enjoy the most? A few weeks ago I would have said the snatch, however, recently I have really been enjoying the clean and jerk.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish within Weightlifting? My original goal was to just compete at British Championships. Next I would like a top 5 finish at English, baby steps.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced you to take up weightlifting?  My coach, Billy Hannah.

How has weightlifting changed your life? It’s made me a much more confident person. It has given me a focus for driving my development forward which has leaked into other areas of my life. Just like I push myself in the gym, I like to push myself in my dance and work life now too, because I know that if I practice and keep pushing, I can achieve a lot more than I might have thought myself capable of previously.

Have you had any injuries or setbacks and how have you dealt with them?  No injuries thankfully; because of my dance career, I tend to keep myself pretty mobile. I have maintenance at Bowden Physio when I need it, and I use Activ7 regularly to keep the aches and pains at bay!

What advice you would you give to athletes new or old that you know now but didn’t back when you first started? Everyone has a rubbish training session every now and again; it’s not a reflection of you as an athlete. Ride it out and try again another time.

Why do you use activ7? I use Activ7 because it saves me a lot of DOMS after some heavy training. I use it for recovery and preparation for competition. I also use this for recovery after crossfit sessions, best product on the market!!


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