Meet Team Activ7 – Hannah J Lewis

Name: Hannah Lewis

Age: 30 Years old

Training out of : Crossfit Poole

Lifetime Achievements: Becoming European & world champion in trampolining.

Also getting into Crossfit and being fit and healthy after fracturing my back in 3 places, an injury which ended by trampoline career.

Favourite Competition: I loved the British Championships a couple of years ago. It was my first big comp and I remember being in awe of all the other female athletes. I had no pressure on me and wasn’t really sure what I was doing but ended up exceeding my expectations.

I also loved One & All games last year, not only because we won but all of the workouts were so much fun and so varied! I love team comps as its great for different people to use their strengths and it means the focus isn’t all on you.

What motivates you to do Crossfit: I grew up as a trampoline gymnast, spending 20+ hours in the gym training and I loved pushing myself and the rush of competing. I didn’t see training as a way to keep fit because I loved it so much, the fact it kept me in shape was a bonus.

When I found crossfit I found that same buzz! I love pushing myself and my competitive streak really comes out. I get motivated by the fact I want to chase PB’s, beat my scores and see what I can push my body to do.

I also love ice cream and Pizza so I need to work out!

What are your strengths and weaknesses? My strengths are my lifting, both powerlifting and weightlifting. I love a barbell!

My weakness is my CV, I’m lazy and I avoid running/rowing like the plague.

Which workouts do you enjoy the most? I like a long chipper where you can work away at different movements.

I also like short, sharp, strong workouts like a DT!

What are the goals you want to accomplish in Crossfit? As a team we are out to try and win Wild West this year after just missing out on the podium last year.

For me as an individual I am aiming to get 100kg Clean and jerk this year, I can do both movements separately but not together. Also 80kg snatch!

I just want to keep improving in all aspects of Crossfit and pushing myself.

Did you have key mentors or people who deeply influenced you to take up Crossfit? Not any Crossfit specific coaches but my trampoline coach always inspired me and motivated me to achieve my best. He was pretty strict but always bought out the best in me and he helped to instill my work ethic. Which I think is why I love Crossfit so much!

Now my other half, Nick Rouse inspires me. He loves working out and programs for me, he really understands the human body and has helped me progress a lot in a short space of time.

How has crossfit changed your life? Ive made some of my best friends through Crossfit and also my boyfriend! Aside from meeting different people, its about being part of a wider community of like minded people. My mum has also got into Crossfit and I really enjoy working out with her and seeing her improve.

In addition to this its bought me new opportunities! Im lucky enough to be able to work with a range of different companies, including Activ7 who sponsor me and provide me with awesome kit and nutrition. Im also a paid blog writer which is good fun!

Have you had any injuries or setbacks and how have you dealt with them? I’ve had a few niggles! As I mentioned previously I had 3 fractures in my lower back a few years ago but so far during my Crossfit career it hasn’t caused me too much bother. I just have to be careful when deadlifting.

I hurt my shoulder at the beginning of last year, I tore my bicep tendon and damaged my rotator cuff so was out of action for 5 months which was really frustrating. But whenever I have a niggle I try to turn it into a positive and focus on the body parts that I can use!

What advice would you give to athletes new or old that you know now but didn’t back when you first started? I would say don’t run before you can walk and listen to your body. Don’t rush trying to do every movement but focus on building a solid base.

Also don’t get caught up in what other people are doing, which is very easy these days with social media! Focus on your own progress.

Why do you use Activ7?

I love it! Not only does it smell great but it is amazing for pain relief on niggles or slightly more serious injuries. The company have been really generous to me and I really believe in their products. The Best Crossfit Recovery Product available on the market and 100% natural

Please use Code – V7HANNAH

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