Meet Team Activ7 – katarina wiemeyer

Name: Katarina Wiemeyer

Age: 31

Training out of: Bethnal Green Weightlifting Club and CrossFit Central London

Lifetime achievements: cycling from London to Paris last year, finishing 5th in the 2016 British Weightlifting Championships

Favourite Competition: Wild West (I know it’s Crossfit not Olympic Weightlifting!)

What would you say motivates you to do Olympic weightlifting? There’s something special about working to build strength and technique, and being able to see progress through the different cycles of programming.

What are your strengths and weakness? Strengths are definetly Squats and speed over short distances, weaknesses cardio and chocolate

Which workouts do you enjoy the most? The heavy high rep training sessions, or the random unprogrammed training session, that basically turns into playtime.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish within Olympic weightlifting? Biggest goal at the moment is 100kg clean and jerk.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced you to take up Olympic weightlifting? I started olympic weightlifting almost by accident, I discovered it through Crossfit which I discovered through a deal on groupon. I was fortunate that they have a specific Olympic weightlifting coach at CrossFIt Central London and once I started learning how to lift properly I was hooked and moved completely into Olympic Weightlifting.

How has olympic weightlifting changed your life? It has built a lot of confidence and mental strength as well as physical strength.

Have you had any injuries or setbacks and how have you dealt with them?  I have been fortunate and not had any major injuries, that has been helped by regular sports massages and osteo visits and attending yoga sessions (which I have been neglecting recently and shouldn’t be) and all of course having a bottle of magic AKA Activ7 in my gym bag at all times.

What advice you would you give to athletes new or old that you know now but didn’t back when you first started? Hopefully life changing ? Patience (with yourself) and rest are two of the most important things to support your training and progress, results don’t happen over night there will be periods of time when training is awesome and others when it isn’t, it’s so important to keep having fun throughout and to know the bad training weeks won’t last (though they feel like they go on forever)

Why do you use activ7?

Because it smells amazing, and also helps me recover better and get the most out around f every training session. One of the best Crossfit recovery products around

I’ve also attached 2 pics, as I couldn’t decide on one!




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