Meet Team Activ7 – Rob “The Machine” Walker

Name: Dropkickwalker

Age: 42
Training out of: CrossFit Oswestry
Lifetime achievements: 2 time fittest 40-44 Male UK. British Masters weightlifting champion. 2 time European Masters Weightlifting athlete
Favourite Competition: French Throwdown
What would you say motivates you to do Crossfit? I love any challenge. Physical or mental. It’s a great feeling to see improvements. There’s a lot of opportunity for improvement in CrossFit.
What are your strengths and weakness? Strength is not being terrible at anything. Weakness is simply Ring Muscle-ups. Having dislocated my shoulder last year, I’ve not had much opportunity to practice.
Which workouts do you enjoy the most? The ones that hurt the most ?
What are the goals you most want to accomplish within Crossfit? Just to continuously improve and help others improve. Also to stay healthy and fit. After all, that’s what it is all about. Especially at middle age ?
Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced you to take up crossfit? No
How has crossfit changed your life? It’s brought back competition. I quit competitive Sport at a very young age. It’s so good to have it back!
Have you had any injuries or setbacks and how have you dealt with them? Shoulder dislocation that tore my labrum. Rest and physical rehab have got me back to 90%. No surgery, yet…
What advice you would you give to athletes new or old that you know now but didn’t back when you first started? Hopefully life changing ? ? we live to call ourselves ‘Athletes’. I’m not sure we all are to be honest. If you are a real athlete, or want to be, get a training partner and then a coach. Stick to your program and re-assess every year.
Why do you use activ7? Because it smells awesome ? seriously though… Activ7 smells awesome ?. It’s magic. Minor aches and pains can usually be massaged away, and it helps reduce DOMS after tough sessions. It’s a regular part of my recovery routine, along with red wine.


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