Meet Team Activ7 – Ryan Wells

Name: Ryan Wells

Age: 32

Training out of: CrossFit Coventry

Lifetime achievements:

Earning my Green Beret in the Royal Marines.

My highest finish at Battle of the Beasts was 12th

I was part of a team that won Wild West.

I’ve stood on every podium position in the Rocket category at the Rainhill Trials.

Favourite Competition: Battle of Britain Throwdown

What would you say motivates you to do Crossfit?

I’d say 3 things,

  1. The fun and social side of the training in the box with friends.
  2. The physical fitness and health benefits you get from Crossfit.
  3. If I train a lot it means I can eat a lot! (which I do)

What are your strengths and weakness?

I’d say my strength….is my strength, and my weakness is probably my gymnastics at the moment. (but im working on it)

Which workouts do you enjoy the most?

I prefer medium length workouts rather than sprint WODs where you just go flat out because I enjoy thinking about it tactically with how to break down the reps and what pace to go at etc. With a good mix of all movements, some basic movements but also things that are higher skill too.

What are the goals you most want to accomplish within Crossfit?

I just want to constantly keep improving my fitness and learn new skills.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced you to take up crossfit?

How has crossfit changed your life?

It’s changed it massively, I’ve made a lot of new friends being involved in Crossfit and met some great people. I even met my fiancé through CF.

I also run CrossFit Coventry which I opened after leaving the Marines so its now also my career.

Have you had any injuries or setbacks and how have you dealt with them?

I’ve recently had shoulder surgery from an old rugby injury so I’m currently rehabbing that.

Mentally it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in terms of my training, and the road to recovery is long, but I’m getting there.

What advice you would you give to athletes new or old that you know now but didn’t back when you first started? Hopefully life changing ?

I would say definitely get a good coach, and concentrate on good form and technique to develop good habits and great movement patterns first and foremost.

Don’t get too wrapped up in throwing heavy weights around too soon before you can move well.

Also don’t pay lip service to your warm ups, take your time and make them thorough, don’t just walk in the gym and jump up on the rings with a weighted vest on and try to crack a muscle up!


Why do you use activ7?

Because it’s the best way I’ve found to get rid of those dreaded DOMs, at least once a week I have a bath using the salts and whenever I get a particularly sore spot I use the oil till it eases off.

It’s also helped a lot with loosening off my shoulder and getting it warmed up before training since my op.

Ow and it smells awesome

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