Dear Parv

It has been great using your oil for myself, a couple of clients, two colleagues and family for their various injuries and some chronicity. Delighted to collect the feedback from them….

“When the oil was first applied it was like a thousand little angels were massaging my back”. (Poppy)

“The first time I used the oil was several days after the injury to my knee. I was almost getting used to the pain and thought it would take weeks to get better (the physio told me it would). So I was resigned to that. When Cherry offered the oil treatment I thought it wouldn’t make much difference but tried it anyway. The relief came within 20 minutes – first it felt warm and comforting and then the pain lessened and I felt I could move without being so nervous of the pain. After three applications it was definitely better – the pain eased sufficiently to gently walk and that gentle exercise helped I think. The warmth the oil leaves you with is so comforting.” (Alizsia)

“I hurt my shoulder pushing myself too hard in yoga. Had to carry on as I am on a teacher’s course so I used the oil 20 minutes or so before each class and session, and then again after the session. The tingling of the skin heralds an ever-deepening warmth which at its least is comforting and at the most is deeply healing in the injured issue. After a few applications over three days my shoulder did everything I asked it too – still not 100% but no activity limiting pain. I found that I need to apply very little oil – it seems to work just as efficiently with minimal spray – though I am still experimenting with amount of oil and amount of massaging required. Up to now, I observe it is the oil itself rather than the prolonged massaging…” (Cherry)

“My back pain was becoming unbearable but I have no idea how I injured it. After several days I was offered the oil and was so desperate to relieve the pain I applied it every 1 – 2 hours during that evening. Each time I used it my skin tingled and quickly felt ‘alive’ and warm. And then the muscle felt warm and the pain was better though still very much there. The relief wore off in about an hour when I reapplied a small amount. Went to bed and was my back was noticeably better in the morning. (Liz)

Re the amount used. Coming to the conclusion you only need one or perhaps two short sprays on an area. Tempting to spray more. I think the most immediate effect is that comforting tingle and warmth of the actual skin. It sort of sends a message to you and to your body “healing help is coming your way”. The aroma helps with that message.

Haven’t heard from anyone else but they may report back and Liz will report further (her case is within the last 24 hours)…am thinking it is really good for muscular back pain and will give her another treatment or two….

Let me know if I can help further in any way. I would certainly recommend it for joint injury and muscular pain, pre and post activity…. As you know our business is natural healing and the herbal content of your oil is very sound. I would promote it on those lines, with herbalist comment, rather than for sporting activities if you would allow the Foundation to market it when the time is right.

You’re doing a great service guys, keep up the good work! C x