Following a 2 week trial of the innovative muscular spray oil on the minor tear of the Lumbar section of my lower back, I can confirm the oil used was a huge benefit to the recovery of my injury.
Having worked in the fitness industry for 7 years as a Personal Trainer, qualified to Masters Diploma level through Premier Training International, I have used many products aimed at reducing pain and increasing muscular mobility of minor injuries. All of which have been good creams and gels designed by large corporate companies who specialise in the development and sale of such products.
Once I started this trial I was initially very shocked at the rapid response of the spray. I used only 4 sprays of the oil across my Lumbar region, massaged in by hand by myself for around 20-30 seconds to allow the oil to penetrate into the muscle tissue. Within 1-2 minutes the oil created a cooling, tingling sensation felt across the skin. This instantly reduced the pain within the area and allowed me to begin a light warm up prior to exercising.
Following this the oil penetrates deep into the muscle, feeling as if it increased blood flow to the area, all pain had subsided and this gave me the mobility to allow me to use the muscle in a controlled way which aided the speed of recovery through gentle tension and contractions of the affected muscles.

Following the 2 week trial I have no doubt that the oil had aided in my recovery to a level where I could exercise at around 80% effort with no pain at all. I found that if I used the oil before and after a workout I had no pain at all the following day and was able to continue training more frequently.

It has been 8 weeks since the trial and I am now back to full fitness and I have no doubt that the oil sped up the rate of recovery. I would recommend this oil to anyone who takes part in any form of physical activity where they may experience the delayed onset of muscular soreness, pain through over use, need to train the same muscles more often or have a minor injury that is mobile yet requires a controlled use to aid recovery.

This is a great product and I will be using the oil once it comes to market. I would recommend this to clients as a pre and post work out aid and would use this product over the more commonly known gels and creams as it seems to offer a faster response post application and lasts a lot longer once applied.