On descending Kilimanjaro I sustained a knee injury, I have been advised to rest it. As an enthusiastic, but somewhat novice, ‘athlete’ I missed running and circuit training, so I decided to start training again. My knee became inflamed after each event and the resulting pain could keep me awake at night.

I started using this oil a few months ago. I applied it to my knee about half an hour before exercise, and wore a support over the area. The initial sensation was one of cooling. This soon began to heat up… but not uncomfortably so. The muscles around the knee felt very relaxed. This warmth continued for 20-30 minutes. A little incongruent… as the scent was energising but the sensation was relaxing? After a workout, I removed the support on my knee and was not surprised to find the area a little swollen, but nothing like it had been previously after exercise. I have used the oil in the sane way since, before each run or gym session, and have found that this has allowed me to build up strength around my knee. The impact of exercise has become less and less, the knee becoming less inflamed each time.

I have also used the oil on my knee and lower back when resting, as a massage oil. It is not too greasy, allowing time to massage before absorbing into the skin. The smell does not lend itself to a ‘relaxing’ massage, it’s more ‘invigorating’. But the effects have been excellent. Initially there is a cool, tingling sensation, which heats up during massage. Once the oil has been absorbed there is once again a cooling sensation which can last for up to an hour on some areas, less on others. Not best used before trying to sleep!

Would be nice to try an alternative blend designed for relaxation or massage, with same effects but a less invigorating scent. Perhaps adding a little lavender or cedar? Just an idea…

I will continue to use the oil, for as long as I still have some left… and have told everyone I know about it. I have gone so far as to massage a friends foot with the oil, and I don’t like feet!! They claim it relieved the pain they were experiencing, in the arch of their foot and around the ankle, almost immediately. I have massaged a friends back with it, they fell asleep?

I will definitely buy it when it gets to market :-)