Ruth Wylde talking about the ACTIV7 BATH SALTS……. So, second bath. Thursday I was at the gym on my own all day, it was a full on day of coaching and hang cleans were programmed, so about one thousand clean pulls later my traps were aching from all the demos……well actually everything was aching. Perfect opportunity for the activ7 bath salts. Ran a nice hot bath and added one scoop. All the salts have dissolved and I can see that the water is oily. It’s really relaxing being in the bath and I rarely have them, although just last weekend I’d been looking at magnesium bath salts in Sainsbury’s so it’s a coincidence you sending them over. The activ7 is really cooling on my body and it feels a bit strange. Now I use the oil regularly so I know that this is what it does, but it’s a strange feeling in the bath because the water is hot! My face is red and sweating but my body feels cool! I have a good long soak, around 30 minutes, keeping my traps in the water as these ache loads. When I get out I’m quite chilly although my face is red hot. The oil has left my skin nice and soft which is an added bonus so I’ll have a quick shower in the morning. Into my comfies and I’ve soon warmed up with my bedtime hot chocolate casein. My muscles feel looser and I’m relaxed and ready for bed. Had an awesome sleep and although my traps still feel a little tight it’s nothing like the DOMs I thought I’d have. This product is a nice treat on an evening to really relax those muscles but an absolute MUST after a day of competing, it hits the spot soothing every muscle. I love it.