Rest and recovery are such an important part of training and I am always looking for new ideas / things that will help my training recovery in any way.   One thing I have found that is amazing and too good not to share is Activ7 recovery oil.   What is Activ7? Activ7 is a blend of seven essential oils (camphor, eucalyptus, peppermint, aloe vera, orange, lemon and rosemary) that can be massaged in to the muscles to reduce post workout soreness by encouraging blood flow which speeds up the recovery process.   How did I discover Activ7? I discovered...Continue Reading

1 KICK ASS PRODUCT EVERY CROSSFITTER SHOULD HAVE IN THEIR BAG Since I’m lucky enough to run two Gyms, I get to do A LOT of Crossfit/Training. I also have an addiction to buying A LOT of CrossFit stuff. Because I have a lot of time to try stuff out, I know what works, and what doesn’t. This is one thing that I tend to use all of the time, so of course you should too! We all have Lifters/M...etcons/Straps/Wrap etc, plus things that help us psychologically but what do you have that actually works??? Since injuring my calf live...Continue Reading

Ruth Wylde talking about the ACTIV7 BATH SALTS....... So, second bath. Thursday I was at the gym on my own all day, it was a full on day of coaching and hang cleans were programmed, so about one thousand clean pulls later my traps were aching from all the demos......well actually everything was aching. Perfect opportunity for the activ7 bath salts. Ran a nice hot bath and added one scoop. All the salts have dissolved and I can see that the water ...is oily. It's really relaxing being in the bath and I rarely have them, although just last weekend...Continue Reading

After a busy day of teaching, slouching over to read children's work; sitting at my laptop pacing through my work, the last thing I think about it my posture! As a result of this, injuries have occurred and muscles groups have been tested when I hit the gym. Although my injuries ...have been minimal since starting crossfit 3 years ago, my body has had to adapt rapidly to different movement and using different skills. There are times when I get achy muscles, strains and something I just feel exhausted. My first point of call is Activ7;isn't it everyone's? Whenever I...Continue Reading

Following a recommendation from a fellow crossfitter, I started using Activ7 Recovery Oil about 6 months ago and have never looked back. I find it really helps reduce post workout soreness by soothing muscles and increasing blood flow. I have a constant battle with my forearms and elbows so using Activ7 has now become part of my daily routine. The fact that it smells great, is British made and... 100% natural means it ticks all the boxes for me. Well done Activ7 Recovery Oil - I couldn't train and compete to the best of my ability with out my 'little...Continue Reading

I had heard many positive things among the community about Activ7 and wanted to see what the product was about. We received excellent first class service from activ7 and though this quality product would fit in great along side the quality Inbitz lines. But not before trying it ourselfs, the oil is amazing. It works end of story, you really need this as part of your recovery routine.

Having first met Parvin at Battle of the Beasts last year and sampled Activ7 Recovery Oil, we have followed Activ7's progress closely. We were keen to add it to the Kitbox product range - it is a simple yet effective product; easy to apply, smells great and it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and suitable for all uses both in and outside the box. We look forward to seeing the Activ7 grow and become a must have in everyone's kit bag.

Thanks so much Activ7 for enabling me to recover quicker with this oil. It's literally amazing and smells good too! After any workout where my muscles hurt or ache,Activ7 sorts them out. Such a great product and awesome in the baths too! Thanks Parvin- highly recommend this product to anyone.

I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Activ7 recovery oil in my winners haul at the Battle of Britain (I won the female masters). During the comp I strained my back during the snatch ladder...1st event, nothing bad as I was able to continue. But it felt stiff after, I used the spray on the tender area for a week and it really helped. Which was great as I had the Regional masters qualifiers the next weekend. I love the smell, it warms without burning, really like the product. I did a lungey workout at the weekend and...Continue Reading

In September I entered my first Crossfit competition at the ripe old age of 35! As expected after the first event my elbows were screaming at me as usual. In need of a quick fix or at least a relief of the aches I thought I'd give the Activ7 recovery oil a try which was kindly being handed out and applied for free. Well what a find instant relief in a deep heat style but without the burn and made with natural oils I'm told, so no such thing as overuse either. As the events went on and I got...Continue Reading

I'm a master's athlete (48yo) and it's really important for me to warm up well and to take care of myself so I recover as quickly as possible, ready to go again. I use activ7 pre-workout to wake up  my muscles, particularly anything that's still sore or a little tight. It smells great and gives me a bit of a wake up boost as well but that's just a bonus. I stretch and use a roller post-workout and I've added activ7 into the mix. My muscles really do feel better after I've used it. It couldn't have come at a...Continue Reading

After meeting the Activ7 team at a comp last year, I was sold on the product straight away. I had a slight pull in my quad going into the final workout. After a short massage with the oil my tight muscle felt immediately relieved and finished the workout without any soreness. Since then I have been using the oil for general tight muscles and I can honestly say it's the best product to help relieve tightness and improve mobility.

Love this stuff. I've been using it on a night to massage my quads since I've been suffering with some knee pain. And straight away felt the difference in the morning. Allows me to keep training hard the next day after heavy weightlifting sessions. Perfect for when I'm traveling too, when i can't take my osteopath with me. would recommend this to anyone

Following a 2 week trial of the innovative muscular spray oil on the minor tear of the Lumbar section of my lower back, I can confirm the oil used was a huge benefit to the recovery of my injury. Having worked in the fitness industry for 7 years as a Personal Trainer, qualified to Masters Diploma level through Premier Training International, I have used many products aimed at reducing pain and increasing muscular mobility of minor injuries. All of which have been good creams and gels designed by large corporate companies who specialise in the development and sale of such...Continue Reading

I have used the Activ7 oil on many of my clients during Sports and Deep Tissue Treatments. I have found the oil pleasant to use and effective when releasing chronic tension. The great smell is what most clients comment on along with the warming effect on the muscles. I will definitely continue to use the oil as clients find the effects relaxing and calming.

I have been in the health and fitness industry for 5 years professionally. I often get asked what I do and I reply with someone who studies, observes and ultimately strives to improve human movement as everybody moves and my objective is to get someone to do it in the most efficient and safest way possible. I also have a huge interest in the mind as I believe the body and the mind are one, so if you can improve a persons mind the body and energy will truly follow. Found the oil very helpful after heavy session to ease...Continue Reading

On descending Kilimanjaro I sustained a knee injury, I have been advised to rest it. As an enthusiastic, but somewhat novice, ‘athlete’ I missed running and circuit training, so I decided to start training again. My knee became inflamed after each event and the resulting pain could keep me awake at night. I started using this oil a few months ago. I applied it to my knee about half an hour before exercise, and wore a support over the area. The initial sensation was one of cooling. This soon began to heat up… but not uncomfortably so. The muscles around...Continue Reading

'I have been using the oil in different situations on my clients from your every day clients with general aches and pains to athletes performing at the highest level. From pre exercise to post exercise and using as a general oil for treatment. The feedback from clients has been really positive. As a therapist i enjoy using the oil as it is very easy to use and best of all has an incredible smell. Would highly recommend the oil for any needs from aches and pains or as an oil to use to get the muscles warmed up or to...Continue Reading

We have held several in-house competitions at the gym over the last few months and Parvin was king enough to attend with Activ7 samples for athletes to try out. At first a few of us were sceptical about the product and how it was going to effect our performance and recovery. But after applying the oil to a problematic shoulder and warming up, the aches that were there before were gone and I was ready to go into the first workout. Having spoken to the other athletes that were using the oil, they were feeling the same things. I have...Continue Reading

I have been use the healing oil for one week now, due to a trapped nerve in my lower back. At first the smell is quite strong but not overwhelming. I first used it when stretching off, it worked really well and allowed me a lot more movement than I previously had. I then started to use before I trained. This allowed me to train longer at a greater intensity. But the best results I had was to apply it, after warming up. You could feel it working as I went through the rest of my work out. The relief...Continue Reading

Dear Parv It has been great using your oil for myself, a couple of clients, two colleagues and family for their various injuries and some chronicity. Delighted to collect the feedback from them.... "When the oil was first applied it was like a thousand little angels were massaging my back". (Poppy) "The first time I used the oil was several days after the injury to my knee. I was almost getting used to the pain and thought it would take weeks to get better (the physio told me it would). So I was resigned to that. When Cherry offered the...Continue Reading

The Oil was great, it had a long lasting effect which helped relieve my lower back pain especially when going to sleep.  The product smells great and in my opinion preferable to existing products which are perhaps similar on the market.  I thought the product would be perfect to be utilised alongside a recovery program prescribed by a professional.  It would help the person to go about their day which most commonly may be a desk job and allow them to concentrate whilst working then continuing the progressive recovery program to fix the cause of the problem.  All in all...Continue Reading

I have been using the test oils for a number of months in a number of sports massage and deep tissue scenarios. I have found the greatest benefit at pre event massage for match officials at a number of UEFA & FIFA games. Within my clinic I have had rewarding results for clients who have presented an acute injury and required deep tissue techniques. The oil has reduced the post treatment pains.

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